About Us

‘My English Pictionary’ (MEP) is a comprehensive learning platform that aims at developing the English language skills of new learners through innovative learning methodologies. The collective efforts of teachers, students, and MEP team members helped in tapping the learning difficulties and developing an innovative learning methodology that is completely different from the traditional methodologies used for building vocabulary, conversational skills, and grammar skills.

In traditional vocabulary-building practice, learners are being asked to mug up a few words every day just by referring to the dictionary which consists of more than 1,71,000 words. The learner not only struggles to carry the heavy dictionary but also spends more time searching for the meaning.

Unfortunately, recalling the meaning of the same words becomes more difficult with time, therefore, it hardly helps the learners in building vocabulary. On the contrary, ‘My English Pictionary’ encourages active use of sensory memory for building vocabulary, conversational skills, and grammar skills. MEP enables learners to understand the meaning of the word by providing spelling, pronunciation, and images of the word together.

The multisensory learning platform of MEP encourages the learner to use listening, speaking, and reading together. The perfect combination of audio-visual learning and interactive practice exercises multiplies the interest, performance, and capacity of the learner. On top of it, MEP has tried to club frequently used words, action verbs, verbs, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, and antonyms together in relevant word groups. MEP’s complete package helps the learner to develop his/her active vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills.


- To empower learners by improving confidence and English language skills through continuously upgraded, innovative, and interactive digital learning platforms.
- To make English language skills development affordable, easy, and accessible to all aspiring learners.