Children’s favourite learning app with online lessons frequently used words categorised in word groups, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, antonyms, interactive practice exercises along with a complete grammar book.

Welcome to ‘My English Pictionary’ – a comprehensive and children-friendly platform for developing English language skills.

This is one of the best practice apps with picture and video-based learning exposure for developing frequently used and essential words for effective communication. The app improves vocabulary building & retention ability through engaging exercises followed by immediate feedback. The learner develops and utilises the ability to associate the meaning of words with images and videos.

The collective efforts of teachers, language experts and MEP team members helped in tapping the learning difficulties and developing innovative learning methodology that completely contradicts the traditional methodologies used for vocabulary building, conversational skills and grammar skills.

What differentiates MEP?

- Active use of sensory memory for building vocabulary
- Multi-sensory learning experience
- The interface ensures the engagement of learners.
- Assimilation of meaning, spelling, pronunciation and suitable image results in memory retention
- Builds confidence in children in using vocabulary in day-to-day life
- It also ensures adult participation